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Counseling Center Accomplishments

During Fiscal Year 2017-2018

  • New Location: In order to address the increased demand for services in the Salem area, the Counseling Center moved its Salem office in July, 2017 from 188 North Lincoln Avenue to just a block east at 166 1/2 Vine Avenue. The Counseling Center is located on a completely renovated lower level of the office building we purchased from Drs. Getzinger and Ryhal of Family Health Care of Columbiana County. With this move and expansion of office space and parking, the Center is providing expanded psychiatric services, alcohol and drug counseling, and group counseling to the Salem community. As an additional benefit, the Center invited Help Network of Northeast Ohio to offer a recovery group one afternoon a week to individuals with severe mental illness and/or substance abuse issues.
  • "Whole Child Matters Early Childhood Mental Health" grant worker hired and services initiated - Alta Care group led tri-county initiative (Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana) - the purpose of providing early childhood mental health consultation to parents of young preschool aged children (birth-6) as well as providers working with the same population.
  • OCTF Strategy One Award: The Center was awarded the Ohio Children's Trust Fund Award to provide primary child abuse and neglect prevention services.
  • OCTF Strategy Two Award: In collaboration with Homes For Kids/Child and Family Solutions award, the Center was awarded this Ohio Children's Trust Fund Award to provide secondary prevention services for child abuse and neglect.
  • IHBT: 2017 MST Whatever It Takes Award 2nd Quarter Nomination (includes being a nominee for the Annual MST Whatever It Takes Award that will be presented at the next MST Conference) - "this recognition is given to individuals within the MST community that have demonstrated outstanding and meritorious service... willingness to go above and beyond"
  • Columbiana County Criminal Justice Behavioral Linkages Project: This project links inmates at the Columbiana County jail with substance use disorder and mental health services while incarcerated, as well as providing re-entry support after discharge from jail to support successful reintegration into society and prevent recidivism. Two full-time re-entry specialists and two part- time mental health specialists from the Center staff this program.
  • Vocational: The Center's Vocational Department partnered with the local CCMEP program to serve transitional youth in their employment endeavors. While traditional employment services and assessments were part of the original plan, staff quickly employed Evidence-Based Practice principles and changed the focus to rapid job search while completing other requirements of the program. This has led to success in our county and several youth that may have fallen through the cracks are now both employed and obtaining GED's or secondary education.

During Fiscal Year 2016

  • We celebrated a grand opening on June 21, 2016 for the Hornsby House, a new eight unit Permanent Supportive Housing Project for those with severe mental disabilities.
  • CARF International awarded the Counseling Center a three year renewal of its accreditation, lasting through November, 2018, the 9th consecutive three-year accreditation received by the Center.
  • We collaborated with Akron Children's Hospital-Lisbon to initiate on-site behavioral health counseling at their Lisbon ACHP office.
  • In conjunction with Mahoning and Trumbull Counties, the Counseling Center obtained a grant to expand Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation services in public and private day care and preschool settings.
  • Through its Connections program, the Counseling Center provided Depression Education and/or Screening services to 488 students within 5 county school districts.
  • The Center's Onsite School Counseling program provided school-based counseling to 127 students within 7 county school districts.
  • The Counseling Center was awarded an Emergency Shelter operational grant of $88,000 for a two year period (January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017) through the Office of Community Development.
  • The PATH Homeless Outreach Program made over 159 contacts to homeless persons with serious mental illness; provided 428 services to homeless persons; and made 330 referrals in an effort to link homeless persons to housing, mental health treatment, health care services, entitlement programs, income programs and employment.
  • Staff made financial donations in fall, 2015 that helped provide vouchers for Christmas toys to 32 client families and 62 children and helped with a toy give-away that provided toys to 117 additional child clients, and, as a result, these families were able to celebrate Christmas last year.
In completing a Client Satisfaction Survey during this past fiscal year, several comments concerning particular programs were:
  • "I love this Center. It has helped me so much. I hope to one day be able to help others. I truly believe everyone here cares about all of us. I am very grateful for this Center. I just have to say thank you for saving my life."
  • "It has helped me recognize my own strengths and weaknesses in raising the boys."
  • "Great leaders. Really helped me deal with my problems and become a more positive, sober person."
  • "Case management helps a lot. Especially with getting the extra help that is offered."
  • "The fact that your counselors genuinely care about you and your problems and don't judge you, makes this amazing and so very helpful. I got so much out of it that I'd recommend this group to everyone. Thank you so much. This touched and changed my life so much."
  • "Being able to talk out my problems has been helpful."
  • "The fact that there is someone else advocating for the kids other than just me."
  • "Everything has been really helpful. To know I'm not alone with an illness is a good feeling. To be sober is a great feeling!! Thanks!!"
  • "Thank you for having a place like this for people like us! Instead of judging they really show care and compassion and help us to better ourselves"
  • "I really feel like the counselors and people who run the IOP and aftercare are wonderful people who really care about our recovery. Thank you so much."
  • "The people that I see at Mental Health are my family."



The Counseling Center of Columbiana County
East Liverpool Branch Office
15613 Pineview Drive, Suite A
East Liverpool, Ohio
Phone: 330-386-9004
Fax: 330-386-9023

The Counseling Center of Columbiana County
40722 State Route 154
P.O. Box 429
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Phone: 330-424-9573
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The Counseling Center of Columbiana County
Salem Branch Office
166 1/2 Vine Avenue
Salem, Ohio
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