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Substance Abuse Services

Chemical addiction is a treatable disease.  The goal of the Substance Abuse Services Program is to reduce a person's harmful involvement with alcohol and other drugs. 

Since chemical dependency is a primary progressive, chronic and sometimes fatal disease that affects all aspects of a person's life, the program strives for abstinence from these harmful chemicals.

Since a person's physical, psychological, social and spiritual life can all be affected by substance abuse, the program's goals are comprehensive of each of these life-altering aspects, including:

The maintenance of abstinence
Improvement in a person's ability to function
Improvement in a person's physical health
A decrease in a person's negative involvement with the criminal justice system.

The Substance Abuse Services Program serves adolescents and adults.

Additionally, since family members can be adversely affected by chemical dependency, the program also serves family members of individuals who have substance abuse problems and adult children of alcoholics.

Substance Abuse Service Program staff are registered with and licensed by the Chemical Dependency Counselors Credentialing Board of Ohio to provide alcohol and drug addiction services.

Successful treatment includes knowing the ultimate goal and striving toward that end, thus consumers may participate in one or more components of our program, depending on their individual needs.  Services provided include each of the following sub-categories:

Drug & Alcohol Assessment:

A two-hour intake to determine a client's usage patterns and to develop a treatment plan for the client to obtain proper drug and alcohol treatment

Individual Sessions:

Individual sessions focus on the negative effects of chemical use, provide directions to the client to lead a more fulfilled life, and understand the problems related to usage.  The duration of these sessions is determined by individual needs, with the usual time frame of once or twice monthly for three to six months.

Insight Group:

The Insight Group is a small group program focusing on gaining insight into the negative effects of chemical use/abuse and related information.  Successful conclusion is met by completing six sessions.  The group meets for two hours for six consecutive weeks.

Intensive Outpatient Program:

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is designed for those who are addicted to mood altering chemicals or are at high risk dependency levels.  The goal of this program is total sobriety.  IOP meets for three hours three nights per week for four consecutive weeks. 

SAMI Case Management:

SAMI (Substance Abuse/Mental Illness) is provided to adults aged 18 and over who have a severe mental disability and a substance abuse problem.  SAMI Community Support services are primarily provided on a face-to-face basis and are designed based upon the specific needs of the individuals. 
The services include:

coordination of the evaluation and assessment needs

developing an Individual Service Plan

providing training and facilitating linkages in the use of community resources

obtaining services necessary for meeting the individual's basic human needs

providing coordination and assistance in crisis intervention, stabilization, social support networks, criminal justice services, self- help groups &

performing daily living activities

Aftercare Group:

Aftercare is a small group program focusing on relapse prevention techniques and information.  Successful completion is met by attending eight (8) sessions within a three (3) month period. This group is intended for clients who have completed the IOP program; been in substance abuse counseling in the past; or those who have relapsed.  The group meets for two hours once a week.

Jail Services

Group and individual services are offered at the county jail. They assist those who are incarcerated to gain counseling before they are released.  It is hoped that they will continue counseling upon their release. 

Family Night Group::

A psychoeducational group for family members is offered the first Tuesday of every month. The purpose of the group is to educate family members on the disease of addiction and to understand treatment resources which are available in our community.

For More information on any of these services, please contact:

Susan B. Coonrod, M.Ed., LPCC/S, LICDC
Director of Substance Use Treatment Services, Ext. 367
Interim Director of Client Services



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